Planning and coordinating clinical trials requires highly computerised and multidisciplinary operational facilities.

To provide a location and a further opportunity for research, the AIL
has financed the building of modern, efficient headquarters for the GIMEMA Data Centre.


The Pantarella Complex

The complex, which had been completely abandoned, was the subject of a plan for «refurbishment and reconversion», started a decade ago by the owner, Acqua Marcia, in agreement with the City of Rome. The municipality deliberated that the biscuit factory building («F/G») be given on loan to the all’Associazione Italiana contro le Leucemie Linfomi e Mieloma – ONLUS (the non-profit Italian Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Association).

The building, an ideal extension of the biscuit factory with which it is aligned, consists of a three-storey management building, an industrial warehouse in concrete with a metal roof.

The office building, recently restored, has housed the new AIL national headquarters since 2006.

The warehouse space has also been available since 2008, which the AIL earmarked as the new GIMEMA headquarters and a multi-functional room with approximately 200 places, equipped with a secretary’s office, foyer and services. The work to complete the GIMEMA offices was financed thanks to the solidarity of the AIL supporters during the fund-raising initiatives (RAI and Mediaset marathons, with the collaboration of the main telephone companies); thanks to the contribution of major banks and the generosity of many provincial sections of the AIL.



Conference Room

While work was being done on the new GIMEMA headquarters, the AIL created a prestigious conference room, with the aim of hosting the AIL national conferences, the patients’ seminars and the GIMEMA Data Centre meetings. Considering the exceptional functionality of the area and the remarkable architectural work accomplished, the room is available to firms wishing to use it for their own communications events.

Choosing the «AIL Conference room» is a new and original way of supporting Research.


To reserve the room and request information, contact us at :

AIL Conference
tel +39 06 70386014